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    Temperature problem in installation

    Hey everybody.

    i have a problem installing the lastest version of fedora core on a compaq armada 1750 laptop.
    in the middle of the installation - i get a message that the temperature of my cpu is too high and then the installation quits properly and reboots.
    i know that this is a software problem and not a hardware because - it happends only after the installation procedure starts (before the ANACONDA loads...). my computer can be on for hours and it doesn't have any problems. the only problem is in fc installation.
    in addition, it's hard to believe that a computer gets so hot after 3 minutes of working.
    does anybody have any idea?


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    Some laptops have the ability to overclock themselves when they are plugged into mains power. Does yours do this? If it doesnt seem to then find the name of the mainboard and google it to see if it does. Also, try underclocking you processor (if you don't know how to do this, post again)

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    i find it hard to believe

    this laptop is really old
    I am almost sure it lacks the ability to overclock.
    it's a pentium II 350mhz.
    do you believe it is really a overheating problem??
    i think it's a software problem because i never got such a message.
    only in FC installation.
    in windows, for example, i never get such message.

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    What is the actual error message? Always helps to have the word-for-word message.

    Just wondering...have you tried installing any other distros? I'm curious if this is Fedora-specific.
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