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    TOOLS NEEDED for Newbie

    What are the few MUST HAVE tools/utilities for Linux installs, security and maintenance? On PCs I use Winzip, Sysgate Firewall, MSConfig, control panel, Notepad and the Taskmanager. On MAC, I use Stuffit, Config Manager, Toolbox, Notes and a few other tools to help install programs or fix problems.

    What are the best or most popular tools/utilities on a Linux box and where can I get them. And lastly, what are the executable files on linux boxes that starts the installs?

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    in linux, i use vi, iptables (as firewall), webmin (as msconfig, control panel, and even task maanger)

    and the "most popular tools/utilities" actually come together with your FC3 CD, happy exploring!!

    looking for "setup.exe"? yeap, in linux we have rpm (for the redhat family) apt (for the debian family) and mdk (mandrake, but i never play around with it so please correct me if i'm wrong)

    to install in FC3, double click on the .rpm package will do; to do it from the black&white shell prompt, use rpm. (e.g. rpm -ivhf something-version.number.architecture.rpm)

    happy learning!

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    and if you can't get the rpm for a whatever you install, there .tar.gz which need to be compiled (you'll need gcc to compile from source).

    that would be
    tar -xzvf filepackage.tar.gz
    cd filepackagefolder
    then youll need to read the file's readme to see how that certain package is installed, but it's usually like this

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ su
    <root pw>
    # make install

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    Besides the easiness of rpm (automatic checkup if all required libs are installed) don't forget Google. There isn't anything more frustrating when something isn't working and you can't look around on the internet

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