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    Fedora install issues

    Hey all, I just bought a fedora core 3 dvd (full install as noted by package) that came off of Linuxuser magazine. I tried to install fedora by simply booting from my dvd drive. All was well untill...(met this problem before with SuSe distro) When I got to the interactive part of the install; language etc. It asked me to select where I was installing from: Local CDROM, Harddrive, NTF, FTP, HTTP. So obviously I chose Local CDROM. Then as before it spat out the error "Could not find Fedora CD, please insert Fedorac CDROM, and hit ok" In the manner of science I hit "ok" again. Then I thought maybe I had to burn the boot.iso image that was on the DVD to a CD. So after burning the CD I rebooted the computer to install....Same thing as before, boots the kernel and install menu then KAPUT, no cd...HELP PLEASE. I am tired of this, I have tried over 7 linux distros....and windows is getting on me nerves. Thanks for any help.

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    I just realized I may have posted this in the wrong section during my haste...Sorry to the admin.

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    Maybe you are having an issue with your DVD I have successfully installed SuSE just fine with the dvd install. I say try downloading a version and burning a cd ISO and trying that. or try a different dvd rom.
    Good Luck
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    Well if it is the cd, then how come ever distro I try usually ends up giving me this error or some other random error? Note: I use nero burning room for the .iso's.

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    infidel(GK), nero is not known to be the best at burning linux .iso images, check out this thread:

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    That would be a miracle...will try that. Thankya Dylunio

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    Well I downloaded the software and wrote the .iso from the dvd to the cd. But after I did, (and selecting the boot option) I was baffeled when a vary different install style screen came up. It was a dr-dos style, far from what I wanted. So I will try and redo this...otherwise I am again out of ideas. Perhaps a different .iso.

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    that DR dos install was a text install because Linux could not set up you graphics and monitor
    go with it and square away your X once the install is done. Whats your video card and monitor.

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