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    Quote Originally Posted by dirk2004
    Thanks for the information, however what file editor do you suggest? I also don't know how to open up an editor?
    Again, not to dicourage CLI work, I've gotten that same message about Gnome not operating correctly and it's apparently not too catastrophic. You should still be able to run Gnome to get the graphic interface. There you should find gedit which is very user friendly. You should be able to find it listed under the Applications menu, or you can start it at the command line (within the console window), so to open /etc/hosts, you would:
    $  su -
    Password:  (enter root password)
    #  gedit /etc/hosts
    On the "localhost.localdomain" line that sether mentions, be sure to leave unchanged the IP of at the beginning of that line.
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    And there are a plethora of good CLI editors, like pico and nano...I've also discovered that I like joe. VI has always seemed a little evil to me (hopefully none of the VI fans will crucify me for saying that). If you have one of those editors installed, you can just open a terminal and type the name of the editor followed by the name of the file you wish to edit. For nano it would look something like:

    nano /etc/hosts
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    Once again thanks to everyone with all the suggestions. I finally got the error fixed.

    Thank you,

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