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    Help with Dialup

    I new to Linux and am using redhat professional workstation. My problem is that I can not seem to dial into my Earthlink account. is there a good web site that can walk me throgh this. My modem dials out but when I look at the log File it says that there is a "chap authentication failed" any info will help thank you


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    what that means is that the dial up tried to use the CHAP method of user authentication (at your ISP) and failed. Which could be that your useriid is wrong as far as your ISP is concerned (if you're using kppp to dialup, check it there), or that your password was wrong.

    To check these out (assuming again that you're using the kppp dialup utility) :-
    1. Launch KPPP (you'll find it in the Internet part of the start menu (bottom left)), and you'll probably be asked for the root/su password)
    2. Click on configure
    3. On the Accounts tab, select the account name (probably Earthlink) and then click on Edit
    4. On the Edit window on the Dial tab make sure that either CHAP or CHAP/PAP are selected for the Authentification
    5. Exit back out to the main KPPP window and make sure that the Logon ID is correct (is it case sensetive, does it have to have a full email user id or is it shorter...?), and retype in your password (again making sure that you get the case (capitals or lower case) correct)
    6. Select (ie. put tick in) the "Show log window" box
    7. Connect

    If it still doesn't work have a look at :- - Section 11

    have fun


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