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    Password Accepted but Kicked Out

    i am using fc3,and i was working in my this user account for months,but since last 3 days i cannot login to my user account and the problem can be described as this:
    The system seemed to accept my password, the login prompt went away, but then it came back without logging me on. What happened?
    this is my syslog for this problem:
    Mar 8 03:29:50 localhost login(pam_unix)[7033]: authentication failure; logname=LOGIN uid=0 euid=0 tty=tty2 ruser= rhost= user=john
    Mar 8 03:29:50 localhost login[7033]: pam_krb5[7033]: authentication fails for 'john' (john@EXAMPLE.COM): Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info. (Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requested realm)
    Mar 8 03:29:50 localhost login[7033]: pam_ldap: ldap_simple_bind Can't contact LDAP server
    Mar 8 03:29:53 localhost login[7033]: FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM (null) FOR john, Authentication failure
    i can log as root and startx,plz help me how i can solve this problem

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    Based on the output you gave, it looks like authentication was going by LDAP server (useraccount stored on another computer). Perhaps the network connection isn't there anymore? Or perhaps the useraccount was removed from the server? Or, for some reason, your password was changed... ???

    In case you have only one computer, try the following. Should there be a LDAP server, try it on the server instead

    Can you change the password for "john"?
    Try this: login as root and give the following command
    passwd john
    If it asks you for a new one, the useraccount is still there. Enter a new password and try to login as john.

    If you get an error message, somehow the useraccount was removed (?). In that case, enter
    adduser john
    Then use the passwd command to set the password for John.

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