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    Restoring /usr/lib

    I'm running FC3. I accidentally wiped out all the libraries in /usr/lib (bad parameters in the mv command). Is there ANY way to get them back or to restore them?



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    Well, if you used the mv command, you should have all the files left somewhere else. Or was it more a rm -fr ?
    Anyhow, since you state that you used the mv you should be just fine redoing the mv but from your previous destination directory, otherwise, run the FC3 installation, and tell the installer to repair/reinstall your system. All settings should be preserved.

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    Actually, I was moving files TO /usr/lib. I basically did something along the lines of: mv lib* /usr/lib/*

    Obviously that last * was a bad idea because instead of copying the files over, it erased both the files I was trying to copy and all the files in /usr/lib

    Oh wait, there is a zsh directory in /usr/lib and it seems to have a LOT of libs. Is it possible it copied everything in there?


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    Quite possible. My /usr/lib/zsh directory only contains another directory, which has a zsh directory with lots of .so files.
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