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    ps -ef
    does return
    root 5887 1 0 14:15 pts/2 00:00:00 /home/progress/91c/bin/_mprshut /home/database/custom -C watchdog

    I am runing ps as root and the shell script as root

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    Dang! Well, it should work on the command line, so let's go thru it one line at a time...

    ps -ef |grep custom

    ps -ef | grep custom | awk '{print $8, $10}'

    It seems to me as though it should be working...
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    yes at the command line both work, but in the shell script they don't..

    Actually I just figured it was the solution

    FIND_PROC=`ps -ef --columns 160 -ef |grep custom |awk '{if ($10~/watchdog/)print }'`
    echo "$FIND_PROC"

    adding the columns 160 allowed the awk to read pids longer than 80 characters.....

    Thanks for all your help

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