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    Should i swap to fedora? Will fedora even run on my machine?

    Hi, i have a fairly old pc currently running slackware 10. Its mainly used as a samba server which shares directories on a secondry hard disk, and an ftp server, and in the future a web server and maybe streaming media (local network).

    Anyway, i am thinking of giving fedora a shot as it seems well supported.

    Id like to know, if i did swap would i run in to problems when setting up the samba shares again, as they are probably chown'ed to users on the current system and i dont want to loose all the data on the second disk, just wipe the system disk and stick fedora on it.

    Also, the machine is quite old, its specs are

    AMD K6-2 500Mhz,
    192mb Ram
    Gigabyte GA-5AX mother board
    ATI 32mb graphics card.

    Is that enought for the latest fedora?

    As i said, mainly it will just be a server, so probably wouldnt need a massive GUI on all the time, but would like on there to fall back on. Is it easy to configure the install as i dont want / need CD writing or office software or games installed, just a basic server would do nicely.

    Also, which ftp demon does fedora come with?


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    First of all, why change?

    There is a old saying: "don't fool around with something that isn't broken".
    If it's working, leave it like that

    As far as RAM goes, the installer needs minimal 64 megs. I have a laptop with a Celeron 333 Mhz and Fedora will work on it, perhaps a bit slower, but it'll work

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