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    i got 4 computers from a surplus sale, i noticed after i got them they said os: red hat!!! im use to running windows XP. i have had it on for 30 minitues and i HAD NO IDEA what i was doing!!! i need some basic help, please. one more question, can i install programs and games that i use on windows? and how do i uninstall programs (if i can)? where do i get games and programs that will work on red hat? pleez help me!!

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    Windows Programs and Games:

    Yes, there is either a Linux equivalent (M$ Office = Open Office) or there is a Linux port. Depending on what type of games you play, there is most likely a Linux port (CounterStrike, Doom III, etc.) if not there are ways to get them working.

    Uninstalling programs:

    See this topic.

    Programs and games that work on red hat:

    What type of programs? Media players? IM? CD ripping/burning? Let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

    For basic starters, there are tons of tutorials out there. This one is particular to Debian/GNU linux, but is still very good:

    Good luck.

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    thank you!!


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