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    I'm having a huge problem...

    Alright, I just got a new ABIT motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2900, a AMD Athlon XP 3000 cpu fan, Dynex 400 watt power supply, and 256 mb's of ram. I have a 250 GB HD that i formatted. When I put in my Redhat 9.0 linux disk, it loads it, and right when i'm installing it the computer shuts off as though it were unplugged. This doesn't only happen with the linux, it does the same thing with Windows xp, and Windows 98! I did once get the 98 installed, but after it kept coming up with all these errors, i had to format the hard drive once again. So, now i can't get any OS to install. I also tried to install an OS on my 30 GB Western Digital HD, but it also does the same thing. Now i've been asking around everywhere, and no one can help me! People have been telling me that it is my power supply, but the power supply is brand new, it was bought at Best Buy. The temperature of the CPU is fine also. I personally think it's NOT a power problem, or a heat issue. Now, if anyone thinks they can help me, please tell me!

    Thanks in advance!

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    sounds like hardware problem to me instead of linux error :P

    btw, that sounds to me your memory bar is faulty..... download memtest (from and create yourself a bootable and test your memory bar...

    second thing you might want to try before sending your faulty component is take out your *probably* faulty memory bar (ground yourself before doing so, touch any metal object to discharge yourself) and rub the contact point with eraser (yeah, that piece of rubber improves the connectivity)

    you may try that out with other components as well (especially graphic card), just remember to discharge yourself

    good luck...

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    I think adam7979 is probably right on this one, but if that doesn't work, also make sure that nothing is overclocked, i.e. cpu, memory, graphics card. Good luck fixing it

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    It's either your harddisk, memory or, indeed, the power supply.

    Has the harddisk functioned properly in the past? (30GB sounds as if it isn't new)
    have you run a memory test (from floppy)?
    Even a new powersupply can be faulty (DOA). try another powersupply to be sure. even if you think it ain't.

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