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    X Keyboard works on doesn't work on any new kernel build

    Running Fedora core 3. Totally stock out of the box. Got everything to work, needed a few boot options to get things going (mostly noacpi).

    So, to install the latest NVIDIA driver, and to maybe get my LTWinmodem going, I decided to build my own kernel to have all the headers and such. I used to own a Linux based ISP and used red hat in "the day" so I mostly knew what I was doing.

    Anyway, every kernel I build, 2.6.10 based, 2.6.11 based, boots up, starts X, but the keyboard doesn't work. No errors in the X log, keyboard works in single user mode. I even built the NVIDIA driver, set it up for twin view mode for my TV, that worked, but something easy like the keyboard -- nope. Was cheering when X started, the NVIDIA spash showed up on my TV and PC. But even if I don't build NVIDIA and just install Fedora 3, build a new kernel using the same config as came with Core 3, the keyboard doesn't work in X???

    I know lots of Linux gurus, we are all stumped. I will try booting with a different keyboard when I find it in my garage. I do have a media center PC keybord, but the standard install was happy.

    I was using a debian installation (Mepis), it worked flawlessly -- NVIDIA was built in, my WinModem was recognized, but its a starter distribution, and its just not as clean and slick as Fedora -- but on the other hand, it works

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    In the Keyboard section of your xorg.conf file, what does the driver line say, it should prbly use the kbd driver rather than keyboard:
    Quote Originally Posted by xorg.conf
    Driver "kbd"
    Try that, did you compile the keyboard drivers when you compiled the kernel?

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    Been there, done that

    Yes, I tried both "kbd" and "keyboard" as the X windows driver in Xorg.conf. No difference. Both drivers exist, and look to be the same (same size, same date, different name, maybe just a link(.

    And of course, keyboard support was in the kernel.

    Its just a PS2 keyboard. Works fine in single user mode. Its some X driver problem. I'm traveling, but when I get home I will try an old Microsoft keyboard.

    I do think it did work once with one build. My system is also very picky with kernel options. Nvidia driver install suggested PCI=BIOSIRQ, and I added that, but maybe this mode for Nvidia is confusing my keyboard.

    I'll keep fiddling. Now its just a aggrevating puzzle to solve.

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