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Thread: Virus on linux?

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    Virus on linux?

    Why is it that there are very few if any viruses written for linux? is it that people dont want to write virus for the os or is it because it is "free" so they would feel guilty writing a virus? Let me know what you all think!

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    The oversimplified take is that virus writers' aim is to disrupt businesses as much as possible and cause as much havoc as possible. Therefore, they attack the OS that almost all businesses use exclusively on the desktop.

    The other side of it is that Windows is inherently much easier to penetrate than *nix, *bsd, or Mac.

    Couple that with the fact that most clueless computer users run Windows (not all Windows users are clueless, obviously, but most clueless users are running Windows) and you have maximum havoc for minimum effort.
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    People think that because it is "open source" it is unsafe. I assure you that this is not the case. It takes a very skilled but stupid person to write a virus for linux. 1. It's hard and 2. fewer computers run linux. So basically it's not a target and if it was it's a very hard target.

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    av u considered that most e-mail viruses on the windows script host WSH, which is a default on the windows file extension.

    other factors like the guyz have said is about popularity on most desktops. but u know what windows itself is a virus may be a platform n not an OS. hahhaha!

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    Perhaps because there aren't any "click and die programs" on Linux as are on Windows: I'm talking about the funny .exe stuff we get my e-mail ("rabbit.exe" sounds familiar?).

    Linux is a killer where user-rights are concerned

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    Actually there were some really big linux virus' out there. Don't know if anybody remembers that big server virus scare last year? Can't think of it. Of course it didn't go off, I think the virus was fixed before it took into affect (it was like a ticking timebomb virus of some sort). Maybe that was a windows server virus though now that I think about it o.O

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    I don't know anything about that... but thanks for the linkage techieMoe, very informative, very enlightening, and IMO very bad for M$... just goes to show how secure linux is, and how delusional M$ is.

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    IMHO, the kind of worm that spread among millions of PC in 48 hours (blaster-like) is very unprobable on linux for the following reasons (among others):

    - Diversity: many different distros and many different ways to configure them makes it very tricky to write one single virus/worm that would run flawlessly on all of them.

    - Many home windows users (and some corporate ones...) runs as system admin, when very few linux users are running as root. This is preventing some virus/worms who need admin access to spread. OK, this doesn't have to do with the OS robustness but with its bulk users habit. But still, it's a reason why some worm spread so fast among the windows users.

    And to those who say windows gets all the viruses because it runs on 95% of the desktop PC I'll say this is pure FUD. Because if that would be true, then how come most website being defaced are running micosoft IIS when statistics shows that Apache is the #1 web server used on the Internet? Then if I follow the "popularity rule" Apache server should be the #1 target...
    Conclusion: "popularity rule" = Microsoft FUD

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    Linux has no reals ememys...

    everything is done specifically to your machine, when you issue configure it is checking evrything specific to your machine, on winblows all it is, is a bloody standard install, nothing changed just configured.

    Windows computers are 100% the same as the next, they are configured for the user to make it look like there own, eg changing the desktop. Linux is changed specific to how you want it to run.

    my instalation is totally different from the next user....

    all that is the constant is the kernel, which is practically perfect now...

    thus if all the machines arnt the same what they gonna write a virus for?
    kde? we done all use the one, i use xfce.... lol


    why you worryed?

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