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    Compatability and upgrade questions

    First off, would a D-Link DWL-520+ wireless ethernet card work with FC3 right out of the box or would I have to use something like ndiswrapper?

    If it works out of thebox, can I upgrade to FC3 right from FC2? (using a terminal)

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    Firstly you have to see which chipset the card uses. From a bit of googling, i can see that some versions of the dwl-520+ use a TI chipset, there are linux drivers for this card (called acx111_pci). It may work out of the box with FC3, but if you want extra stuf such as 54g support, WEP and/or WPA, you will need to do a little more configuration.

    see this site for more info: for more info on installing and configuring the acx111 based wireless cards.

    I would say that downloading new isos and selecting an update system option would be a better way of upgrading the system.

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    I got the DWL-520+ working on FC3 - but not right out of the box there was a little work to it. check the houseofcraig website posted above that's where I got my instructions....

    I have run into some problems with it however.
    1. after compiling and installing the driver, upon my next reboot my machine would hang at 'probing for new hardware' and wouldn't go any further - I had to disable RHGB in the grub.conf then it launched kudzu and detected my card. I was then able to re-enable RHGB and it booted up fine

    2. I've had problems with my machine locking up shortly after starting up the wireless card - I've heard this is only a bug in 2.6.11... kernel but I haven't tested with any older kernel versions as of yet.

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    Do not updgrade with ISOs. So much changed from FC2 to FC3 that it's recommoneded to do a fresh install. And you should wait a week until Fedora Core 4 comes out (it was scheduled for today but there were legal issuses with the release name, like Rawhide for FC3.9x and Sarge for Debian 3.1).

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