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    mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD('xxxxxx');
    Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)


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    there you go

    you have now created a database manualy and changed the root password

    you should now be able to connect to said database using root and your newpassword using whatever you where working on before you ran into the connection problem

    now its time to have fun and use your new database

    if you want to eventualy use this database for external use I would suggest creating a new user and NOT using root but that is for later...


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    thank you. please tell me if you can surf to the following url.

  4. $spacer_open
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    yes I can see the website just fine.

    2 problems show up at the top though in red but there not related to SQL in any way.

    I suggest you install and use phpmyadmin to manage your databases unless you want to learn the command line stuff like we did today, but no one will hold your hand for EVERYTHING, I got you started you should be ok for now.

    if you plan on working more and more with SQL , adding sql users, adding databases then you should look into phpmyadmin

    its easy to install but you NEEEEEDDDD to read the manual for phpmyadmin, if you don't it will be installation problem after problem, but if you follow the install documents it should be easy and straight forward and phpmyadmin is a VERY powerfull tool.

    I am almost done my shift so I Am done for today


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    thank you so much for ALL of your help! i truly do appreciate this.


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