Hi all,

Hope you dont mind me starting this thread here as no White Box Enterprise Linux (WBEL) section in this forum and as it is 'Free' version of RHEL I thought this was the most appropriate, I'm newb to the 'Box' and new to your forums. Hi all hope to be a long term resident

I am currently looking at installing and administrating WBEL4 with initial responsibilty of mail server (using QMAIL) with webmail functionality, with plans to expand to include webserver with mySQL and PHP.

I am looking for advice, tips, hints, howto's, guides, anything.......

I am running this currently on some pretty standard hardware, this is just a pilot install after all:

Intel P4 3GHz

The plan, depending on the strength of my convictions and ultimately my ability (and whatever help I can gather), is to upgrade to and use WBEL4 in the ISP arena on some real hardware.

So I guess Im asking who else is using this platform and if so would they like to enlighten me and perhaps fast track and de-error (and hair-pull) my install/config.