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    Installed FIne.... But Windows wont start!

    Okay i managed to install Fedora COre 3 on my second hard drive. Now windows wont start. IM not sure what happened. IT hasnt been erased or anything. When i go to select it just comes up

    booting other

    hd 0,4

    then does nothing. Not sure whats going on... What does this mean?

    Im not stressing.... but i would really like to boot into WIndows.

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    earase windows, is it booting up fc3? if so your proly gona need a boot disk,,,( for windows)

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    windows is still on there. SO how am i going to boot into it.

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    i had a similar error recently. Various solutions tell you to add 'rootnoverify' to the bootloader, to alter your BIOS settings to set the HD type as 'LBA' and other such fun things.

    In the end i booted off the XP CD, and did a repair installation. That's the only thing that fixed it.
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    hd 0,4
    would mean that it is trying to boot Windows from the 5th partition on your 1st hard disk...Windows doesn't like booting from extended partitions, and I'm wondering whether that is the right partition at all. Could you run
    fdisk -l
    and post the output?
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