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    Uninstalling AVG Antivirus

    I have by mistake installed AVG Antivirus without installing the DAZUKO module which it had asked for. Now I wish to remove the AVG Antivirus and install it again after installing the DAZUKO module. Could anyone please help how to do that?


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    What method did you use to install it? Was it installed via an rpm manually, through yum, apt-get, or did you compile it from source? One way of uninstalling is manually removing the installed files, but there's probably a better solution, depending on the installation method.

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    It was a .tar.gz file which I uncompressed in the terminal window and ran the install script.

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    If you still have that directory that was created after uncompressing the .tar.gz, you should cd into it and see if there are any uninstall scripts. If there's a Makefile, you can do make uninstall in some cases. But unfortunately you might have to go searching around deleting the files it installed manually. Read any documentation online or in that folder for more information.

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    I'm working on the same/similar issue.

    You don't need to uninstall AVG, in fact if you uninstall and reinstall you'll end up with the same problem.

    From what I've found out, DAZUKO needs to be compiled in the kernel. From Dazuko:

    Configure the Makefile

    Build the kernel module

    Build the C example program
    cd example_c

    Insert Linux
    Insert the kernel module
    /sbin/insmod ./dazuko.o <-- Linux 2.2-2.4
    /sbin/insmod ./dazuko.ko <-- Linux 2.6

    Create the /dev/dazuko node
    mknod -m 600 /dev/dazuko c `grep dazuko /proc/devices | sed "s/ .*//"` 0

    //end quote//

    Now to figure out insmod, which I haven't done, any suggestions appreciated.

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