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    firefox and java

    hi, ive just done a fresh install with FC4 (well i think alot of us have but anyway) and i can seem to get my java working the way it used to. it does work, however when i go to play runescape the java just leaves a big grey box with an x in the corner. is neone else having problems?

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    you do have java installed, right? I guess you do...

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    Follow Linux steps here:

    Not sure why it would work sometimes, and sometimes be broken. Maybe you need a different JRE version.

    edit: I just noticed that I assumed you run firefox...

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    yes i have it installed. im using 1.4-08 j2re, just as i used in fedora 3. most java apps work just fine.

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    After installing Fedora 4, I grabbed java-jre-1_5_0_02.
    Installed it (watch file/directory permissions) and it works without a problem...

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    yea thats what i just did, i accidently deleted my other plugin tho. can someone go into /usr/firefox-1.0.4/plugins and tell me what .so files are in there. thx. i feel like an idiot right now, but firefox wont work so i kinda need it.

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    never mind, i forgot that i have 4 computers in my room that all use linux. but i have another problem that seems a bit worse. whenever i start firefox i get nothing, so i did it in the console and i got this.
    [root@localhost ~]# firefox %u
    INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager
    System error?:: Success
    ne ideas?

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