I am using fc3 now and whenever I logged into a normal user account, there will be problems mounting the cdrom drive. When a cd is already inside the drive upon login, the cd icon will fail to appear on the desktop. When i try to mount the cdrom drive from the 'Computer' window, a message will appear:
/dev/hdd: Input/Output error
mount: /dev/hdd: cant read superblock

Sometimes, however, when i login to the normal user account, it can mount the cd already inside the cd drive. But when i ejected the cd and insert a new cd, fc3 will be unable to remount the cdrom drive again.

I do not have such problems when i login as root. Although such a problem does occur once in a while in root, it is not as common as when i login into a normal account.

What is the problem regarding this mounting issue and how can i solve it?