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    fifo underrun???

    First, I will say I'm extremely new to Linux, and am hoping this is an easy fix.

    Yesterday, I was attempting to install AIM. I switched to the command prompt, typed in, " rpm -i aim-1" and switched back to the GUI for a sec, to read off the rest of the install line which was ".5.286-1.i386.rpm". However, when I switched back to the command prompt, i got this message, "st7554: fifo underrun!"

    I rebooted, and the message comes up while booting, then goes into the GUI. I go to the command line, get the same msg. Shutdown, and am getting the same message (tho it does still shutdown).

    What did I do, and what do I do to fix it? HELP!

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    Don't know if this helps, but its worth a shot:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muser
    Don't know if this helps, but its worth a shot:
    Doesn't appear like it will help any. Everything worked fine until I did what I said in the first post. Thanks anyway.

    Any other guesses?

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    Ok. So I reinstalled Linux (AGAIN), and everything was working smoothly until I installed AIM (again). Once it was installed (completely this time), I started getting the error, but only when shutting the system down.

    Can ANYONE help me out here?

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    solution to st7554: fifo underrun

    I had same problem on Mandriv 2006.O with 2.6.12 kernel. Slmodem worked but with a lot of "fifo underrun" errors.
    I upgraded kernel to 2.6.20 for other reasons and then the thing was even worse. I upgraded slmodem too (version 2.9.11 with kernel 2.6.19 patch) and after that I almost couldn't use modem at all because of the same error.
    Then I turned off ACPI (added acpi=off in lilo.conf) and now modem works perfectly!!!
    I DON'T HAVE ANY "fifo underrun" errors!

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