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    Can't enter to runlevel 3

    I Can't enter to runlevel 3 Every time I try to enter runlevel 3, system freezes. System freezes after all daemons etc. are loaded and the login is supposed to begin.

    I'm using FC5, and default runlevel is 5.

    I can enter to runlevel 1 without any problems (and of course to 5,6 and 0, rl4 I haven't tried).

    I have to get to the runlevel 3 in order to update my video drivers (I have Nvidia GeForce 2 and it works properly only with nVidia closed source drivers) If anybody knows other ways to shut down x-server, other than changing the runlevel, I'm all ears.

    nVidia installation cannot be run from rl1 (single user mode) because it does not find kernel three then.

    I have Changed the runlevel simply by "init x" (as a root).

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    So your system freezes when you do an init 3 as root from a console (such as CTRL+ALT+F1)? It's possible that one of the services you have disabled in runlevel 5 is enabled in runlevel 3 and is trying to start up.

    One "save-all" way I use sometimes to kill X Windows is just introduce an intentional error (like a line of text saying "fWAEF IWJAFNWKNFEW!!! SFWAEFWj!") into your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which will force X Windows to error out and dump you to a console. It's a hack, but it usually works for me. Once you're done installing your drivers, remove the line, make sure your driver is "nvidia" instead of "nv" (the newer driver does this automatically) and restart X.

    It should be noted however, that unless you've recently updated your kernel, Fedora Core 5 has a bug that won't let your Nvidia kernel module lot properly. Just FYI.
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    I though also, that the problem might be some service trying to strat up. So I made it so that I have exactly the same services on both 5 and 3. When I'm comming from 1 to 3 all services start and the computer freezes. When I'm comming from 5 just redhead-early-services start, then emty line appears (with green ok in the end) and computer freezes (I wonder why readhead-early starts anyway, when all neeted services are allready running?)

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    Oh, and I have just downloaded the fc5 ISO like a month ago or so, so mayde the kernel is updated (but to be safe I will attemp installing on an old anused hardrive first, once I figure how to get the rl3 running)

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