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    x server problems

    i was able to log in to the termial by entering the interactive startup then dissableing every thing the x server then did not star and i logged into the terminal. i then typer init 3 at the termianl so that all of ther serviecs were running but in level 3. i then typed yum search xgl and yum cam up with several differnt packages.

    glx - tools
    and xorg -x11-server-Xgl.i386

    i unistall all of these with yum i then went to /etc/X11 and opened the back up xorg.conf file with joe and removed load Xgl from the file. i then saved it as the original. i resarted the computer.

    this time i did not enter interactive startup a screen appeard that said that it was unable to start the xserver it arsked if i wished to view the details i said yes.this is what it said

    GDM xserver not found: /usr/bin/Xgl :0:0 accel glx buffer - accel xv error command could not be exequted! please install the xserver or correct GM configuration and restart GDM.

    i then presses ok and the computer asked do you wish the computer to atomaticly confing the server. i presses yes now it went into a form of xwindows were i was able to see the dispalay pannel in high resulution i check ed the driver and the resultution and reduced the resultion to the lowes level i then pressed ok and a dialog cam up and said need to reset the xserver. the screen flashed then the ofiginal dialog apeared saing that it was unable to start he xserver. i wnt throug the whole process again and the sam thing happened i then went back into commpand promt.i fear my tinkering may have done more harm then good.

    my graphics card is a gforce 7800 gt.

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    hi shumwari !!!

    i did not understand...what is your question ???????

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    x server problems

    i wish to reinstall the x server. and start from srcatch in that respect

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    check the logs

    paste the output of the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log here
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