Ok, I am pretty new to this, so hello everyone!

I would like to have my Windows machine communicate with my Linux machine via a serial port connection. My linux machine only has a USB port so I have a cable that has a USB on one end and Serial Port at the other end. The USB end is connected to the Linux Machine since it does not have a COM port.

I have set my /etc/inittab file to contain the following line:

s0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -L ttyUSB0 9600 vt100

My windows dumb terminal is configured to have the same baud rate and everything. Control flows are set to none as well.

When I set the "init q" command, I see the linux platform appear on my hyper terminal. However, it does not prompt me for a login. I tried to press enter but no login prompt appears. Is there something else that I should be looking at since I am using a USB port instead of a serial port?

Thank you in advance.