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    Hi Dear Friends,

    I am in a need to set typical file permissions.

    I have a folder "/Software".
    $ls -l
    drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Feb 27 16:44 ftp

    Under ftp, I need to create a directory named "entries".

    I have several users whose home is: "/Software/ftp/entries" and shell is
    "/sbin/nologin" as these users have FTP access only ,but no shell access.

    They will daily login to this and create directories and files.
    Now all users should be able to create files and directories within "/Software/ftp/entries" and its child directories also.

    But all these directories or files which are created by all these users should be "DELETED ONLY BY" another user "admin".

    Each user may delete his own directories or files,but admin should also be able to "DELETE" except any other user.

    I tried with sticky bit, SGID etc, still not able to do.All users are able to write but not able to delete other's files as the sticky bit is set.But even 'admin' user also not able to delete due to umask setting as I can see.
    So I am worrying about if it is the UMASK I have to play with now, how can I set it at directory level to inherit the same permissions.Sorry if I am wrong somewhere.
    Finally, Task is to allow 'admin' and the 'USER who created the dir/file" to do anything with the file/dir, ALL others should be able to write to all directories but they should not delete anything which they wont own.

    Please advise with sample scenario or steps which will do.


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    I may have to see at vsftpd.conf file,here

    Do you have any ideas?

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