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    Red Hat does not detect my modem

    Greetings from a newbie, lol
    Im having an issue with Red Hat Linux 7.3 detecting my modem. I am running a partitioned system with Windows XP and am using the same Intel(R) 537EP V9x DF PCI Modem for both systems. However, when I boot up in Linux and attempt to create a connection, it says that no modem was found on my system. Im a newbie when it comes to networking with Linux, so I am not sure what to do. Windows XP is full of errors and Im sick of it constantly booting me for stupid things so Im trying to get Linux up and connected to the internet. Is there some special settings I have to change? Or do I have to manually input my modem port settings and the like? I have a nice thick book, but it only covers basic Linux/UNIX stuff and doesnt even touch networking. Thanks for the help!

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    RedHat 7.3 is quite an old distro, and i'm sure if its even supported by the redhat network anymore.

    how about using a recent but lightweight distro like Zenwalk or VectorLinux, depending on what hardware you have. normaly the more recent the kernel in the distro, there will be less amount of manual configuration. in a recent distro i'm quite sure that modem will be auto detected.
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    Hm... I didnt think it was that old or anything. Well Im gonna see if I can do any manual configurating on it, lol. Where would I go about getting one of those new distro's? I havent used the Linux portion of my system for quite awhile and i tend to neglect it because Im a web designer and without it being able to use the internet, I dont have any other use for it at the moment. I hate neglecting it though, so Im trying everything I can to get it internet able

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    Alright, I got the driver but it didnt come with the readme file like it said it would. So now what do I do with it? I would assume I would put it in a sort of checkpoint area, or in a directory where all of the other modem drivers exist. I tried putting it in the /dev directory where the internet configuration wizard finds all of the tty's but it didnt take notice of it. Oh, and Im running GNOME user interface.

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    Ok, I extracted the .tgz file using 'tar -zxvf <filename>.tgz' and followed the rest of the instructions 'make clean', 'make all', and 'make install' and it runs the script yet it doesnt install anything anywhere and comes up with a list of errors. I think Im beginning to kick a dead horse here, lol. It says its supposed to install a 'modem' directory in the dev/ directory yet it doesnt. Oh well, I might just not bother with it if its going to be this big of a pain install a driver on an older version of Red Hat.

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