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    Cannot partition HDD with PM 8 correctly, HELP!

    Okay here's the problem, I just downloaded FC 5 onto a DVD and have used osloader2000 to boot from the CD/DVD drive. So far I have been able to bring up the FC 5 instillation screen and have gotten up to partitioning. I am trying to make this a dual boot computer with my Windows XP pro, but I cannot seem to partition it correctly. I have been using Partition Magic 8 and have created partitions, but when the computer restarts the partition does not go through and I can neither view it during FC 5 instillation nor in Windows. Is there a proper way to partition using PM 8 or would it be easier to partition during the FC 5 instillation, and if so how? Please help, thanks

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    Post Hi jrmints

    Try to free any partion from windows and delete it by PM or any other tools, you can do this from control panel >> Adminstrative Tools and choose hard drive >> choose the drive which you will delete and right click on it and choose delete , by deleting the partition Linux will be able to see it , now while running FC installation you can choose automatic partition & it'll automaticaly partition your free disk or choose manual partition and go on, i used this with redhat & centos and there's no diff in FC as i hope

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    didn't work for me, any other ideas?

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    hi jrmints !!

    the best way is .... DONT use partition magic or osbootloader........

    as "ToRk" wrote... remove/uninstall all this stuff.... and delete a partition yourself from ...
    Control Panel --> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management
    delete last partition... dont give any label and dont format...

    boot up through FC5 installation CD/DVD... let it do everything for you... select "install in unpartitioned space"... dont change anything in "Boot Loader" section... default settings are "BEST"...
    well !! you will get GRUB boot loader having choice to boot up either of OS...

    Note: OSBootLoader create too many problems...... i never recommend it... PM8... you dont need it... everything is already there... installer will create partitions for you.. installer need an unpartitioned space only...

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