Hello dear colleagues,

I friend of mine got a brand new ProLiant ML310 G3, with 2 GB RAM
and a single processor. Two internal disks, hardware RAID.

Fedora 5 installed quite easily.

Alas, during boot process it seems to hung. The disk activity
looks high but the boot process never completes.

When we boot in rescue mode and mount the boot volumes it works fine.
Nothing unusual.

The boot process seems to complain about USB devices, but we do
not use them at all (we even tried to disable them in BIOS).

Has anyone come accross a similar problem. It looks some
admins recommend to boot with "noprobe noapic nolapic"...

One comment even suggests to stop the syslog daemon during boot.

We are about to try all these but wonder if a proper solution has been

Thanks for any comments.