My name is Joseph, and I am in need of some serious help!

I am very new to Linux and am not a programmer.
(I know, this makes it even more challanging to the person who
may be considered a mentor, However,.
I am in priparaly in need of the basic-functionalities for now.)

I am looking for a mentor to help me get fully aquantied with the system,
(Kiosk.ws WebHosting Service App.) http://www.wwkiosk.com/members/TheBOSS/
Can offer screen shots of back-office area if needed!
With this I have 8 Accounts that I have full-control of!

I really need to learn what to do, So I can my set up my own
Site and then be able to bring on and handle Clients!

Anybody up for the Challange!
I am will to give this indivdiual certain Credits via my Company.
"Word of Mouth is King!" - Digital Signage Goes a long-way, Now-a-days!

Thanks for reading

Desperate Hosting-Service "Want-to-Be" !!