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    System seems to lock up in hibernation

    I am running Fedora5 and every time my laptop goes into hybernation it will not come back up. Wiggling the mouse, mashing the keys, I even stroked the any key but she won't turn on. Any ideas or a link to a HOWTO would be appreciated thanks.

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    Anyone know of a way to pull up an error log or something from a previous boot. I know there is dmesg but it only logs that particular startup

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    I've seen the same problem just recently, and gnome-screensaver seems to be part of the problem. See if this works when you are locked-up.

    To get another virtual console type <ctrl+alt+F1>. You should see a text login prompt, so login as root. Then type the command:
    # pkill -USR1 gnome-screensaver
    Now switch back to the original X11 screen with <ctrl+alt+F7>.

    When I try this the X11 screen is unlocked and works OK.

    You can check /var/log/messages and /var/log/Xorg.0.log if
    that doesn't help.

    I don't have a solution; but I'm aboiut ready to un-install gnome-screensaver. I think the problem is that this program doesn't wake up properly.

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    I didn't even come close to thinking of logging into a virtual terminal I will have to give that a try. And thanks for the direction on the logging.

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