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    Talking Time logging xp users

    We have a bunch of xp machines connected to a fedora server acting as pdc. I want to restrict users to different amounts of time per day, and so far have netlogon and logoff scripts running that update a perl script on the server loggin the logon and logoff.

    This script in turn updates how many hours they have used. What I want now is a way of kicking the loggin out the users from the xp machines if they reach there time limit...the way I thought to do this is have a perl script running every minute (from cron) that checks there time left against a database. If they have reached there time limit it runs a remote script on the xp machine that logs them out and the disables there account.

    Am I thinking along the right lines or am I barking up completely the wrong tree? I just can't think of a more elegant solution....any suggestions welcome

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    Sounds like you either are running an internet cafe or have kids that only get to play computer if they do their chores

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    Aye its for a small internet/gaming cafe.

    Progressing quite well, I have written a small c# server that runs on each xp machine and waits for a connection. The perl script on the server then uses a socket connection to the xp server when it needs to shutdown the machine, which in turn calls the xp command line shutdown command.

    Have to see how its stands up to rigerous testing.

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