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    Very simple networking question

    Hi Friends,
    I am not that familiar to linux,but trying to.I installed linux and a server on it.I can access the server page like this:

    But when I do this:

    It says
    The connection was refused when attempting to contact
    But when i do "ifconfig -a" at the console,I can see three sections:

    eth() - with ip
    lo - with ip
    and one more....

    Can somebody please tell me how to make linux recongnize that NIC ip.....thanks

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    So do you mean to tell me you are running a web server?
    Do us a favor and do a 'ifconfig eth0' and post that output.
    Also post the information in the the file:

    Where or how did you get the the IP: ?
    Is this you webserrver on the internet?

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    ping is the first thing you should (almost always) try when you can't access an IP. Unless is dropping ICMP packets this should succeed if the connection exists and the interface is up. If it succeeds, then the problemis in http service setup. If it fails your problem is in the basic networking setup.

    Please post ...
    $ ping

    If ping fails, then also post
    $ ifconfig eth0
    $ route -n

    If ping succeeds, then post
    $ nmap
    $ lsof | grep IPv

    { Skiboy; FYI 10.x.x.x is a private unrouteable address range, just like 192.168....}

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    Thanks Steve, I thought it was but never saw or here that it was only 192.1868.x.x.

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