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    copy files only from dir & subdir


    i need a heads up on how to use cp to do coplex copying...
    i have a directory which in turn contains subdirectors with *.txt files in each.

    what is the cp command to copy all *.txt files from all subdirectories within that directory?


    i need to copy all *.txt files in /usr/options/textfiles/ into one directory, ie. hav all the *.txt files all in my other directory /usr/text/


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    maybe this:

    cp -r

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    cp -r copies the directory and files.. is there a way just to extract the files?

    i'm sorta want to do this..
    find /usr/options/textfiles | grep .txt
    copy (the result of find) to /usr/text/

    is there a cp option that does this?

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    copy files from subdirectory with find and xargs

    This should do the trick for you:

    find /usr/options/textfiles/ -name *.txt -type f -print0 |xargs -0 -i cp {} /usr/text/

    those are zeros up there for '-print0' and 'xargs -0'


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    cp `find /source -name *.txt` /destination

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    This works for me

    find ./basePath/ -name *.txt -exec cp {} targetPath \;

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