I have recently installed FC 5 on my Laptop...in addition to the inbuilt Firefox browser i have also installed the Opera 9 browser...
But both seem to have same problem..
They are not running the flash images and java scripts i guess..
As u all know that firefox and opera automatically detect the flashplayer plugin and if not found they will auto install them from the site..
I have done that for both the browsers...in firefox it says succesfully installed and in Opera it says that i shud manually install..
So i have downloiaded both the flash player 8 plugin and jre 1.5 update plugin and installed them for both the browsers..
during installation ..everything is fine w/o any errors...but after installing and then opening the browsers imn still getting the msg that flash player isnt installed in firefox..()tho i guess java script is working in it now.) and both the flash and jre arent working in Opera
Inspite of my heroic effects..im not able 2 play my fav clips from www.youtube.com
So all the experienced guys out there..
Help me out by giving step by step procedure to enable both the plugins for both the browsers..

Thanks in advance