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Thread: SATA and IDE

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    SATA and IDE


    I have a new machine with one SATA and one IDE drives. I have installed Windows Xp on the SATA drive and planning to install Linux on the IDE drive, but disk druid shows some errors while creating the partitions. Is it possible to do like above. Please send me the suggestions.

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    Sata and IDE yes this can be the only option!

    Shammi, depending on the distribution you are using it may be the only sensible option, (using the IDE drive).
    I just installed FC6 (fedora core 6) and it would not recognize the two SATA drives on my system. After trying some linux boot options I gave up on the install of FC6 on SATA. I put in an IDE and the installer could "see" that drive.

    What errors are you seeing from Druid? What distribution are you using. I am not a newbie but I have only used red hat 9 and now FC6 in recent times.

    There are some drawbacks in using SATA to load windows and the IDE to load linux. If grub/linux can't see the SATA drive/s then its not going to install the grub boot loader on the SATA drive. So your standard boot on the SATA will only boot windows. I got the FC6 to install fine on the IDE but the only way I can run Linux is to go into setup and change the boot sequence on the hard drives to start the boot with the IDE. If I want to use Windows I have to change the boot sequence back to the SATA drive.

    Could I have edited the grub on the IDE drive to allow me to select the windows OS from the grub boot. Sure but it will not work if it cannot "see"/find the SATA drives. OUCH. Redhat 9 worked great but that was on my old system which "fried". The old system only had IDE drives. It was old enough to not bother with a repair. New system is a Compaq Presario
    SR2020NX and it is much faster. I thought a more recent distribution of Linux would find the SATA drives so I installed a second SATA. Wasted my money on that one. FC6 says its loading SATA drivers but that driver didn't find my SATA drives.

    My advice is to spend some time reading through Devils Casper's installation thread. Its sticky to the installation thread. Many good tips there. I had to set the options by using the F2 options and setting acpi=off. Then I had to redefine the display settings by booting to run level 3 and running system-config-display. I feel that I will have much more work to do as I have a unusual wireless setup for reaching the internet.

    I intend to see if there is a way to copy the IDE IMAGE to my second SATA drive. Possibly I can find the correct SATA drivers and install them. If so I would just reload FC6 on the SATA drive.

    Also having trouble with having to switch between PS2 mouse and keyboard versus the USB mouse and USB keyboard that I use with Windows. Haven't found how to enable USB mouse and keyboard under the new FC6 install.

    If you could give more detail I am sure someone on the forum can help.

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