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    Quote Originally Posted by src2206
    Thanks my friend, I'll check out and post the result here soon.

    go to your profile folder and edit the file .bash_rc with what ever you want

    say alias c=clear

    and save it.for the effects to take place you need to restart the shell

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    Quote Originally Posted by devils_casper
    gooood ! but you have to open shell/konsole first. right?
    i mean, .bashrc file get executed only when you open terminal/konsole.

    xmodmap -e 'keycode 115=Menu'

    this command assigns Windows key to Main Menu ( like windows START button key ).
    if i put this command in .bashrc file, windows key wont work on logging in coz .bashrc didn't execute yet.
    open terminal/konsole... and lo... .bashrc executed and winkey working.

    Avatar ... thanx .. its casper again.

    Hi casper,
    By opening shell if you mean whether I need to type the command in terminal window to get it executed, the answer is yes.

    I would have loved to add a shortcut of these commands on my desktop or better in the menu- is there any way of doing that.

    Pardon my lack of knowledge but the rest part of your post I could not comprehend completely.

    Thank you again my dear friend.

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