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    Is there a Monitor to show processes using Disk IO

    Has anyone written/found a tool to display all processes ranked by Disk I/O usage?

    I am surprised to not find one after quite a bit of searching.

    I am spoiled in remembering that HPUX's Glance can do that. And Win/XP Task Manager can add the metrics I/O Read Bytes and I/O Write Bytes.

    I'm not trying to compare, I think Linux is great... just trying to give some detail.

    Rough total by ALL I/O summary would be fine, and broken down by Device or FS would be even better.



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    There are quite a few of this kind of thing available with gDesklets and Karamba. These sit on the desktop, rather that being a stand-alone application.
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    As I am monitoring Linux *servers* ....I was thinking of something more for doing scripting with....(like a ps for cpu and memory sizes) (or sar for overall system cpu) so I can (for example) create a top 5 or 10 list of I/O processes running on my *servers*.

    The display of which is available from all kinds of "list widgets" to "dynamic web content" etc...

    Thank you however, for the desktop information.

    Anyone know about a simple text based I/O monitor?

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    Look into lsof or nmon

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