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    Fresh FC6 install hangs at sendmail... then at yum-updated... then at atd...

    It's a standard install on basic beige box hardware, nothing exotic.

    I select only the "Web Server" option for the software selection without going further on to "customize selection".

    I manually enter the Hostname, IP Address, DNS servers and default gateway info.

    The server has one single 80GB (72-ish, really) disk dedicated solely to Fedora - no dual boot crap.

    The disk is partitioned using LVM into the following:
    / 2048
    swap 1024
    /usr 8192
    /usr/local 4096
    /var 32768
    /home 16384
    /tmp 11648

    The system will remain disconnected from the network until I can get all unnecessary services shutdown and configured not to start at boot time.

    This *should* be about as simple as a Linux distribution installation gets.

    OK, so first boot after installation, it hangs at "Starting sendmail" - I have seen this before. I'll just allow the init scripts to run interactively and not start sendmail, right?

    Wrong! There is a prompt to "Press I to enter interactive startup", but it seems to ignore my keystrokes, whether I press "I", "i", or something more like "iiiiiiiiii". It also seems not to matter whether I make this entry before the prompt is presented or after. The startup script seems to print the prompt and proceed with a non-interactive startup regardless.

    So, I reboot and slap a "1" on the end of grub's kernel loading commandline to get into single user mode and then run "chmod -1 /etc/init.d/sendmail" knowing that I can fix sendmail's config later.

    Now I get the problem at "Starting yum-updated". Once again through the grub menus, into single user mode and "chmod -x /etc/init.d/yum-updated".
    I reboot again and now it is hanging at "Starting atd"!

    I could probably fix the atd issue the same way, but the novelty of turning off individual init scripts via grub and runlevel 1 has officially worn off - I'm over it!

    What could have gone wrong?

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    Same problem here...Although my machine couldn't be more different than yours, it's still commodity hardware (Asus board, P4 Prescott, Geil RAM). My keyboard works; unfortunately that doesn't matter, because answering "no" to any of those initscripts just postpones the inevitable. I've also tried disabling selinux with the /mnt/sysimage in rescue mode. I have figured out one thing: It's not just FC6, I had a fully-updated 2.16.18-1.2200 FC5 install do the same thing, so that tells me it's something fairly new because before I updated that FC5 install it ran fine. Come to think of it, I had the FC6 Xen kernel run okay too but I need the proprietary nVidia drivers and VMware to work so that's no good anyway. I've Googled the hell out of this and it's seriously bothering me; I really don't want to give up on Fedora but I can only use my wife's XP laptop for so long before my eyes glaze over-

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    I have the same problem, but I do see a common factor between us. Its the Asus P4S800D-X 800 FSB mother board... If you guys find anything to solve this please post it!

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    I *really* didn't want to hear that...:drown: I just got 2 GB of Geil to work in this thing...
    For whatever it's worth, I disabled the SATA controller and no dice, so that has nothing to do with it...It's also not nVidia drivers b/c it's happening in FC6 before I get the chance to install them. If I update FC5 to 2.6.18-1.2200 or -1.2239 it stalls, but leaves my 2.6.17-1.2187 alone (which improves my disposition greatly)...I *think* that narrows it down to the kernel...
    blubrick, are you using the evil Asus board too?
    everything I've found on other posts is the 2.6.17-1.**** kernel hanging at udev which I've never had a problem with; this is the only place I've heard about anyone having even a remotely similar problem to mine

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