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    That's exactly as I thought, /dev/hda4 is not used. I could show you how to convert-it to an lvl partition and then merge-it to VolGroup0, however after that you would find-it a pain in the neck if you wanted to reclaim some space to your winxp partition.

    You should deleted all partitions except /dev/hda1 and reinstall Fedora, it is going to be much easier.

    Note that lvl (logical volumes) is to linux what dynamic drives are to windows. Logical volumes can be great for companies who have to keep adding hard-drive space without having to recopy all the data all the time, but I think it is over carried for standard installations.

    When you decide to reinstall Fedora:

    1: delete all partitions except /dev/hda1 (at this time you should boot to the winxp repair console and do: fixmbr so that you can still boot your winxp.

    2: Elect to do a manual partitionning while installing Fedora.

    1- /boot ==> 100mB ext3
    2- swap ==> 512mB
    3- / ==> 7 to 8gB ext3 if you do a full install (You could select 4 to 5gB if you just do a default install and are sure never to want everything
    4- /home ==> ext3 the remainder of the hard-drive.

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    thanks a lot everybody for the help...finally i reinstalled fedora...i found it easier...but the pain in the ass are those's ok,this another matter!!i'll try to solve it myself,otherwise,here you are..thank u all

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