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    Cool apache webserver "ServerRoot"?

    sorry if this is a bit of a numpty question, but in the Apache docs it says various tips on making it secure, the first being to secure the "ServerRoot" - it says the default is /usr/local/apache.
    My system hasn't got a directory called /usr/local/apache - does this mean something's wrong?
    output of "ls / -R | grep apache" just returns a few image files, no dirs...

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    any ideas?

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    check your rpm package or in general if you apache is installed and properlly configured.

    try the following.

    find where is "apachectl" to start|stop|restart your apache

    "service httpd status" < should give you a status of your webserver if it failes it means that there is something wrong with your apache

    both commands work in fedora and redhat.. so you should be fine.

    if you get failures i suggest recompile/reinstall your apache

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    The default ServerRoot is different per each distro anymore. Red Hat generally uses /var/www and Suse uses /srv/htdocs.

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