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    mounting drives between FC5 and FC6

    Hi all,
    Having recently installed FC6 (on sda) and updated FC5 (on hdb) to latest yum, I find I can't mount the corresponding hdb2 / sda2 partitions from the none active core, get the following message (FC6 running)...

    mount: /dev/hdb2 already mounted or hdb2 busy

    (neither of these are true)

    hdb1 and sda1 mount without problem

    Managed to mount hdb2 from FC6 before I upgraded FC5.

    Is it some new security feature or a bug?

    Can anyone advise on solution.

    many thanks

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    Probably it is already mounted

    look a the output of "df -h"
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    Nope! first thing I tried was to umount it.

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    Duplicate LABEL values?

    By default, RedHat loads partitions using the "LABEL=" values, and the value used is normally the same as the mount point name. If your FC5 drive has the same labels as the FC6 drive, "mount" will think the partition is already mounted. (I don't think the installer will even accept different "LABEL=" values at install time.)

    Run (as "root"):
    tune2fs -l <device> | grep "volume name"
    Repeat on all your FC5 and FC6 partitions.

    If this is the problem, First, back up everything. Then you can probably boot from a rescue disk and use "tune2fs" to change the label names ("tune2fs -L" parameter) of all the FC5 Linux partitions. Then, mount the FC5 drive's "/" partition at a convenient mount point. If "/boot" was a separate partition, mount it below where you mounted "/". Now, locate and edit the FC5 versions of the <MountPoint>/boot/grub/grub.conf and <MountPoint>/etc/fstab files and change the "LABEL=" values to match. (Tip: Don't remove the lines. Just comment them out and add new entries. This will help if you need to back out all the changes.) Also check your swap partitions. They may also have "LABEL=" values in fstab. If you already have defined a swap partition on the FC6 drive, just comment it out on the FC5 fstab. WARNING: You don't want to have an old FC5 swap partition occupy the same partition name as a new FC6 data partition or the data on the FC6 partition could be destroyed. I don't know if it will just reject the swap area or use it. Alternately, the FC5 swap label name may be changed by running "mkswap -L <value> <device>".

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    Thanks for help. Actually I was looking at the wrong partition, as I was thinking hdb2 was where my data was, not the swap partition. However the same problem occurred with hdb.

    The solution was to use the new fangled VolGroup terminology (just as I am beginning to understand something they change it!)

    mount /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 /mnt/hdb

    did the trick.

    many thanks

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    Fedora Core 3 volume issue

    I have a Fedora Core 3 volume which appeared to be recognized during a fresh install of Fedora Core 5, but failed to appear as mounted (?) when I logged into the desktop.

    The Fedora Core 5 install is on a 30 Gb primary drive and the older FC3 volume is a secondary 20 Gb drive. I was reading about editing the "fstab" file and "fstab-sync" but was unsure if that was in ANY WAY related to the issue. So to err on the side of caution I did nothing.

    Current partitioning information is shown in the attached file, "FC5_partitioning.JPG" and I would appreciate any suggestions on fixing this setup.
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