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    Sending mail to internal Exchange Server

    We have a Redhat Enterprise web server running Apache and sendmail that sends out messages fine to the outside world. The problem is when sending to our own domain. The messages don't show in any error logs and Exchange doesn't show them. I had the idea that it is trying to access the domain outside address 209.177.. but the firewall won't let it since it is coming from the 192.168 internal address. I put in the DNS that if it is going to the mx and mail addresses would be the internal ip but that didn't change anything. We have tried using IMAP to send mail through the Exchange server as well and it sends fine to other organizations but just loses ones going to us. What am I missing (other than all mail coming from the web server)? Thanks. Bill

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    One way:
    On your webserver configure the mail relay correctly. Edit the file and find smarthost. Add either the internal dns name or IP address of your exchange server.

    Then you have to check the exchange server to see if it will access relayed mail from your web server.

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    Thanks I've gotten it. It was that I had the DNS configured wrong. I needed a new A record for the MX version since the same domain has different servers for mail and web.

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