Hello, all,
Although I have used Linux before, I did not install one before. Now I ran into this intallation problem, hope I can explain clearly. I apologize for this long message.

I bought a HPXW4400 workstation last week, it has preinstall windows-XP. I want to install Fedora Core 5 as another operating system without affecting the Windows.

1. All the 140 GB hard disk is in NTFS format under C:, a D: drive has been partitioned as recovery area by HP about 10GB.
2. I used partition magic 8 to partition my drive. I gave windows about 14 GB, the rest assigned to LINUX EXT3 format. However, this step somehow screwed up, I end up with 14 GB in C:, ~130 GB as extended (don' know what that is), ~1G as EXT3. And I lost the 10GB recovery area. Whenever I tried to restart, I always got message like" a new partition is overlapped with the recovery partition, press F11 to continue to recover anyway, or press anykey to delete recovery partition". Ok, I know I screwed up the partition, Can I still go back to my original partition?
3. No matter what, I went ahead to used my downloaded Fedora 5 DVD to install the system. When I got to the point whether I need to install the GRUB boot loader, I got totally confused. So I ask the program to install GRUB. Should I do that?
4. After I finish installing Fedora5, it did not give me any option to boot from either operating system, instead, it tried to boot from Windows. However, Windows failed to start.

What should I do next? Do I need to start from a fresh Windows installation ?

Thank you very much