Ok so I've been researching and trying to do proper installation.

Here is the info.

Fedora 5 pkg

PHP 5.1.6 with Zend Engine v2.1.0
MYSQL 5.0.22

I ran the info.php which contains;

< ? phpinfo() ?>

which displays that my apache is running '--whitout mysql'

I've been trying to find how to reconfigure apache how to get working with mysql, it is installed by default, still working on it but pointers would be appriciated.

I seem to run into problem which is "The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the database type that you chose"

I keep hitting the wall everytime.. my questions is which type of database the version or database files ..the format? ..etc

i have read the following links;


The possible problem could be that php 5 has issues with mysql or that could be that my apache is running without mysql settings.

Penny for you thoughts.