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    Installed Firefox 2.0; Firefox 1.5 won't go away

    So I downloaded Firefox 2, ran the installer, and it popped up just fine (after installing the missing package everyone is complaining about). Trouble is, even after a reboot, clicking the Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser icon in GNOME still launches Firefox, just like it did before I installed 2.0. FF 2.0 is also not located in the /usr/lib directory as I expected it would be. What gives? Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

    EDIT: BTW, this is FC6.

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    Where did you install it to?
    run this command
    after that gets done, then you can use whereis or locate to find firefox
    whereis firefox-2
    locate firefox-2
    more than likely it is in the /usr/bin/firefox-xxx-xx-x directory.
    All the icons will still point to the older version of firefox unless you change it or create your own new icons (shortcuts).
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    The installer you downloaded and ran was designed for generic linux. Therefore it is intended to work on as many different distributions as possible. The package management system that is used on different distributions varies. Redhat variants and SuSE all use RPM, while Ubuntu and other debian variants use DEB packages. Slackware uses special .tgz archives and Gentoo has you compile everything from source.

    If you want a version of firefox for Fedora Core 6, then your best bet is the following:

    This is a BETA package from the development repository, so don't be surprised if it doesn't want to install or depends upon other packages that you will have to install as well.

    If all goes well with this package, then after you install it, all of the icons and links under both Gnome and KDE will point to the new version.


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