I have serveral new Dell Power Edge servers in a rack. I have installed RH E4 on each. I also have a rack mount scsi tape drive that I am try in to use Amanda to backup the rack. My problem is that the RH E4 is not "seeing" the tape drive. The tape drive is attached to an Adaptec 39160 controller.

I have tried this on two different servers on the rack (a PE1850 and a PE2850) with the same results. When the machine boots the scsi utilities scan for devices and sees the tape drive. However after booting if you do "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" the listing only contains the disk array and the array back plane. There are issues with using the array controller for other devices so as I said I have installed a new Adaptec 39160 controller and attached the tape device to it.

I found a simular posting on this list and the problem was the controller card was not fully inserted. I have checked and it is well seated.

I downloaded and a rpm for the aic7xxx driver. The rpm installed without a problem, but did not fix the situation.

Anybody know a fix, or have a suggestion of what to do next ?