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Thread: Kickstart error

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    Cool Kickstart error

    I'm new to Linux and am using Redhat 9. I need to kickstart a PC using a boot disk and an Ethernet connection to a server. The sequence starts and requests a driver diskette that I provide. At that point the PC seams to try and link to the server via the Ethernet. I receive an error "The directory could not be mounted from the server". When the PC asked me to verify and change the IP address and path to the iso file, it displays the correct information for what the server is set up. Any idea as to what I can do.

    One clue I have is when I try to ftp from my lap top to the same server I get confirmation the I have connected followed immediately by "Connection closed by by remote host". I thought the two problems could be one in the same.


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    Where are the ISO's located, on your laptop?
    Is your laptop a Linux OS?
    If so you need to make sure IPtables are off on your linux laptop.
    service iptables stop
    Good Luck,

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    Kickstart error

    The laptop is a Windows based PC. It is the computer I tried to use to ftp files to the Linux server.

    When I was trying to do the kickstart, I had a virgin PC and a Linux server. The idea here was to use a boot floppy to cause the PC to log on to the server, down load the redhat9 iso's from the server and install them. The iso's were loaded in a directory on the Linux server.

    In both cases I'm using a crossover Ethernet cable as a direct link between the two.

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