I am a newbie and trying to get my new linux system working properly. This is my first time with linux and I just installed FC6 a week ago. I have been non-stop reading to try to get everything in place. After many hours I finally got my wireless adapter working with ndiswrapper. Anyway, my problem now is that none of my video players seem to be working. I have removed and reinstalled them a couple of times, but no luck. My music playback is fine. I can insert a disc and it plays fine. I have installed mplayer and vlc and I cannot get either to play my vids. I have the option to open vlc in the Applications>Sounds and Media or whatever, but when I click on it, the program never loads. Also, when I open my xine player, there is an engine error. The error I get is
xine engine error
There is no demuxer plugin available to handle
Usually this means that the file format was not recognized.

Why can't I get the mplayer, the xine player, or the vlc player to work?
Does anyone have any ideas?