I'm having a great time using one of my Linux dedicated servers, but I've run into a backbreaker of a problem.

The website on this server uses Wordpress, but for some reason Wordpress can't write to any files or directorys on the server. All folder permissions are 755. Using 777 works, but leaves me open to obvious security risks.

I thought that maybe it was to do with ownership or similar, so I've used SSH and CHOWN to make sure the domain is set to the correct permissions, which they are.

All I can think of is that the problem is something to do with permissions. 777 works but 755 doesn't. This indicates that the site isn't recognising itself as the owner?

I've had such a great experience with Linux thusfar, but this problem is so odd that it's tainting an otherwise flawless record.

I hope someone can offer any advice, no matter how small. Anything to help me with this problem would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.