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    Tricky Qn: Keyboard Remap!!

    Hi everyone!

    I would very much appreciate your assistance on this one!

    When I installed Fedora Core 5 on my IBM X31, somehow the '/" key does not output '/" correctly (I have copied and pasted the '/" that you now see). Instead they output and (Somehow I need to press the key twice for it to appear).

    I have checked out some threads that recommend using the xmodmap command in the following form:
    xmodmap -e 'keysym F12 = dead_diaeresis'

    However, how do I even type it within terminal if I cant type it out? Copying and pasting does not work in terminal.

    Is there an alternative solution? Is there perhaps some config file I can alter? And also, does anyone know what are the correct names for the '/" keys?

    For added info, I have tried using xmodmap -pke and here is the output foe keycode 48 (which is supposed to be the key for the '/" key)

    keycode 48 = dead_acute dead_diaeresis apostrophe quotedbl apostrophe quotedbl

    Is it correct??

    Please help!! I cannot do any proper programming without those keys!!

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    Got it

    hey everyone!

    ok, I found a simple solution.

    I was mistaken that copying and pasting is not possible in terminal. It is.

    So I have simply copied and pasted this following command:

    xmodmap -e 'keycode 48=apostrophe quotedbl apostrophe quotedbl'

    And it works!

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